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Vanport International Raceway 1.0

Vanport for GSC by Alex Sawczuk

  1. Alex Sawczuk
    Author: Alex Sawczuk


    Today I’m releasing Vanport International Raceway for Reiza Studios’s Game Stock Car. This has received a bit of an update since the last rFactor release, as detailed below.CONVERSION FOR GAME STOCK CAR
    • Converted to Game Stock Car from my original rFactor release
    • Overhauled road and terrain shaders and textures
    • Updated Buildings to GSC Shaders and added ambient occlusion
    • Updated to GSC AdPack format
    • Added many generic tsos from GSC including Trucks, Vans, Cars, Ambulances, Pit Stands, Flags, Baloons, Helicopter and Marshalls
    • New Video for TV Screens in game
    • General Atmosphere of Circuit updated to how it was in the Summer of 2009 when I visited the circuit.
    • New AI Paths suited to GSC cars.
    • Alec Moody & Bruno Afonseca: Additional TSOs
    • Luc Van Camp: Textures
    • Alex Sawczuk: TrackTSO Modeling
    • Luc Van Camp: TSOs and Textures
    • Gringosan: AI
    • Thorsten Rueter: Cameras
    Vanport International Raceway created from scratch accurately recreating the elevations, cambers and nature of the circuit. It features stunning visuals, including night lighting, grids for 34 vehicles and 2 layouts with and without the festival turns.

    This track absolutely has NO permission to be converted or changed in anyway. All content is copyright of its original owners and this track may only be used for personal usage on the simulator Game Stock Car. I.e. It is strictly forbidden to be used in any simulators or arcades or to be sold for any money of any kind.
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