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Autodromo Floripa 2.0

Floripa for GSC by Alex Sawczuk

  1. Alex Sawczuk
    Author: Alex Sawczuk


    With the release of Game Stock Car 2012 I’ve taken the time to update Autodromo Floripa so that it matches the standards of the tracks provided in the update.

    Please note this update will not work with the original Game Stock Car. You can find the update below.Autodromo Floripa is the result of the ‘buildatrackquick‘ project that I worked on for a week.

    The aim was to build a fantasy race track real quick. A ‘long’ weekend was the initial time frame, in the end it took pretty much a full week to complete. In order to complete it in the time frame TSOs were reused from the existing standard Game Stock Car tracks with a few tweaks to make them suit the set.

    For those that don’t know Florianopolis is a beautiful island off the south coast of Brazil, and should you ever goto Brazil it’s well worth the visit. Definitely worth longer than the half a day I got to spend there last November.
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