Valentino Rossi 2006 (Camel) 1.1

Valentino Rossi 2006 (Camel) Bike , Visor(s) , Suit

  1. Aaron Smythe
    Valentino Rossi 2006 (Camel) Bike , Visor(s) , Suit
    This upgrade has - Camel Logos on bike and leathers. Screen Stickers . Ti Pipe and .. reflective visors for both helmets.Other tweaks here and there Enjoy! MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-12 22-34-45-41.jpg MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-12 22-10-31-23.jpg MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-12 22-09-26-68.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. DidiSabin
    Version: 1.1
    thank you...this is just are the captain!!! keep doin' this thing
    1. Aaron Smythe
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