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Toni Elias - Ruben Xaus 2005 Yamaha M1 Fortuna

Toni Elias - Ruben Xaus 2005 Yamaha M1 Fortuna 1.1 final

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Toni Elias - Ruben Xaus 2005 Yamaha M1 Fortuna

This mod changes the Bike , Rims ,Titanium Pipe , Helmet for Xaus , Suites for both riders and both have upgraded visors .
Standard bikes were boring and unfinished .

To install , same as all the others :
Extract the rar .
Use Mixfile remixer to unpack original motogp 17 Mixer files .
ie - extract fourstrokes with file remixer .

Put in modified files .

Remix back into original motogp 17 folder . Enjoy !

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  1. Toni Elias - Ruben Xaus 2005 Yamha M1 Fortuna 1.1 Final

    Just Added the Bright Yellow to Elias's Helmet to give it some spunk.

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Aaron Smythe
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