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URAS gloves

URAS gloves 1.01

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Here's a couple of Japanese Uras glove skins

I've provided 5 main colours (dark green, green, dark pink, pink, yellow) but you can use the attached .psd file to mix and match gloves colours, e.g. a green left glove & a yellow right glove - just change the colours in photoshop and export the file
  • dark green.png
    dark green.png
    1.9 MB · Views: 688
  • dark pink.png
    dark pink.png
    1.9 MB · Views: 685
  • dark yellow.png
    dark yellow.png
    1.9 MB · Views: 645
  • green.png
    1.9 MB · Views: 639
  • pink.png
    1.9 MB · Views: 601
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Latest updates

  1. Yellow glove fix

    Included right thumb colour for yellow gloves (photoshop likes to play games)

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Nice :) i want more stuff like that. THX !
Love it!!! Thanks a lot!
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