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1973 Can-Am Mclaren M8C skin pack

1973 Can-Am Mclaren M8C skin pack 1.1

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Here are some skins for the AC Legends Mclaren M8C (which can be found on the f1classic.forumotion website) to complement the 917/30 for the 1973 Can-Am season -
Photos were extremely rare and tough to find and some stickers may be missing and also the bodywork on the right side skirt deforms the champion sticker

I didn't add crew boards this time because Can-Am races were sprints so drivers hardly had any time to look at the pretty colours in the pits

Apart from that, enjoy

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Thanks for adding these. DL structure directs them to acl_m8c, whereas my version of the car is ac_legends_mclaren_m8c. No problem installing them though, just wanted others to know.
let me fix that
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