UPDATE: Mercedes-AMG GT3 [MANN FILTER Mamba | Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12h 2019]

UPDATE: Mercedes-AMG GT3 [MANN FILTER Mamba | Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12h 2019] 1.3

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Very cool car, Thank You!
Nice job!!
Thanks you very great job.
Do you give me permission to convert to GTR2 ?
Lovely to my eyes. Any chance to get this in Project Cars 2?
Very well done and having watched it run in the 12 Hour it looks accurate. Just the best looking of the Benz entries and the trio of drivers drove the wheels off it.
Absolutely Stunning!! Thankyou.
Nice job, thank you!
Fabulous car! Thank you!
fantastic skin Thank You!!!!
brilliant, thanks!
thank you
Boooom, We‘re so excited and can‘t wait to c all those lovley skins IRL. Many thx. (Check your numberplate fonts ...)
Wow, to my amateur eyes this is superb!

Slightly off-topic...
I was just looking at doing this very skin as my 1st one for rFactor 2 but decided a simpler skin would be better for a first try. So I thought I might try the Linkin Park AMG skin but it would be great if you could also convert this to rF2 format since I'm such an amateur I'm sure I can't do such a good job.

Definitely 5 stars looking at it in the AC Showroom.
I'm glad you like it :-) Unfortunately, I can't help you out with the rF2 conversion. I never did any rF2 livery and in fact I don't even own the game. That means converting the skin accurately is not possible for me, sorry.
thank you!