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Ultimate Steering Wheel Leds HD 2.0

Close to Real Life Steering Wheel Leds made in HD

  1. IcemanLFS
    - Close to real life steering wheel leds made in HD for all teams and cars.

    - 2 alpha masks files to light the leds:
    - Option 1: 1 by 1 led light
    - Option 2: 5 by 5 led light

    Use Ryder PSSG Editor to import files.

    Update 1.1

    Update 2.0

    1- Open the Ryder PSSG Editor
    2- File ---» Open
    3- Got to your Steam\SteamApps\common\f1 2013\interiors
    4- Choose a folder's car
    5- Open the file int_***.pssg
    6- Replace the files by choosing import.

    Credits: To Ryder25 for the Ryder PSSG Editor.

    Note: I don´t allow the use of this resource by others modders to make other leds mods without asking me permission to use my leds in their work.

    Thank you and enjoy!!


    Update 1.1
    - Made a little corrections in the alpha mask files.

    Update 2.0:
    - Leds colours more vibrante and vivid, looks much better, specially at night or in the shadows;
    - Correct the tone of the blue and red leds to a more close real look.

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