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2013 Red Bull Realistic T-Cam & Leds 1.0

2013 Realistic TV T-Cam ans Steering Wheel Leds for the Red Bull team .

  1. IcemanLFS
    Like last year, i decided to tweak the t-cams and give them a realistic look as seen on TV. I also modified the leds of the steering wheels to a more realisc one. I think it looks amazing and more real!!!

    I will be doing it for all the teams.
    Thank you.


    04 F1 2013 GP Bahrain (OnBoard).mp4[18-05-08].JPG 2013-10-05_00001.jpg
    Enjoy, and as always give me some feedback!

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Recent Reviews

  1. T-REX70
    Version: 1.0
    TCAM most realistic of all the mods, shame that only one team.
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