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ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update V5 The definitive version

ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update V5 The definitive version V5

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The Perfect Force Feedback files for PC2.

Choose a file, install it, play.

(Read latest update notes too)

In-game ffb menu, start with Gain 100, volume 30, tone 50, Fx 15. Then adjust depending on the car and preferences. Turn down to 0 any damping or spring effects on the wheel interface if available and set your wheel to your regular tastes (100 strength is recommended )

Replace the ffb_custom_settings txt. file located in documents>project cars 2 by one of the 3 files in UFFB zip renaming it ffb_custom_settings txt. only and you are good to go.

The ENGINE VIBRATIONS are easy to find and adjust in the files.
Spot these lines toward the end of the file:

# Engine ---------------------------------------------
(engine_vibration 35)
(engine_vibration_while_driving 15)



Latest updates

  1. New version V5

    New file to still enjoy PC2 if PC3 sucks... The last file wasn't that good, that one is. Thank...
  2. V4.0 - NEW FFB FILE!

    Hello back, I bought a TS-PC racer recently and started to play with the file again... Think I...
  3. Refined feels + 2 bonus files

    Update 3.1 - Brake/ABS effect is back with a proper subtle feel in all files. - Many small...

Latest reviews

This is it! You perfected it! Was switching between Pure and Silver and this is by far the best of them all! THANK YOU!!
it s close to acc.. best one for now .... thx
Thank you very much for your work, we will finally enjoy the game at the sim level. Incredible the hours I lost configuring, rather than playing! and frustration after frustration. Thanks hvaillancourt89.
I agree with Mirror_man, this should be marked as only for belt or dd wheels. For G29 its just trash, default is better after setting.

If someone is interested in best feeling for GEAR WHEEL G29/G27/G920
https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ffb-project-cars2.20240/ - this is the best feeling for gears (I have custom G29 myself)

My settings for stock Audi R8 on Nordschleife:
Gain 100
Volume 30
Tone 50
Effects 50
Spring 0
Se notan hasta las vibraciones del motor a ralentí, increíble trabajo. Gracias, esto es otro juego diferente
Oh Yesss ! this is very good ! Thanks ! Kudos for your amazing work !
Feels great! Thanks for sharing!

(I'm using a TS-PC Racer)
Awesome! Completely transformed PC2 for me. Thank you!
Turns pCars2 into AMS2... almost. Great work.
Great job! thanks .
Best of all !
With "Wristbreaker" PC2 works much much better with T300! 100-45-50-15 looks great for me. Good job!
completely changes the ffb. makes it feel like a real sim
Just Perfect. First Time you can feel the Understeer effect and tyre rub in a Sim exactly !!
This saved the game for me, I could barely feel anything with my T150 and was ready to quit the game but this made a lot better for me.
Thank you!!
Please ... can you tell me where to install coz I am not good in computer ,,, thank you
Well done! Completely transformed the game! All your hard work really paid off. Car feel alive and predictable, no longer seem to be bumbling around. I was close to uninstalling the game, but now will be part of my regular gaming schedule
super FFB setting .is played as a completely different game
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