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TYRE for GTR2 - Lotus Elise - CrosTyres 0.6

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0.6 - Load Sensibility
0.5 - Release

1- Copy the content of this .TXT file.

2- Open your Dunlop_Elise (.TYR file)

3- Delete everything and Paste the content of this .TXT file. ---Done!

- I am attempting the real deal on Physics.

- I am sharing them very beta, because I think (in singleplayer, not AI still) they are very delightful.

- Please consider that I also use and test them in a modified Elise. (SP, HDC, etc.)

- I will release everything (Engine, Gearbox, Suspension geometry, Ackerman Steering, Car Setups -even specifics for the Tyres-, still not Aero.. but ok) with time, suport and some help.

If you wanna use them in your mod (wich I doubt) just keep the name on the file. (although they are very Beta). That will make them traceable for its newer version.

Hope you enjoy.
Lotus Elise - Long Beach 2007.JPG