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TV Inspired OSD 9.4

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Inspired by Sky Sports F1 broadcasts, I redesigned the timing backgrounds and made them black to best resemble TV.

I reworked DRS symbol lighting when activated. I did the same for KERS while adding a plus and minus symbol.

I replaced all LG logos with Rolex.

I removed starting lights and the wrong way sign.

Please note:
1. When gap times show, the display shifts to the right leaving a gap. Also, the pills do not change colour when showing sector pace (use the minimap for this). This is the drawback of the design and I cannot fix it so please don't ask.

2. You MUST use both the b_osd and d_osd together for this mod to work.

3 and most importantly. Enjoy!

Latest updates

  1. no revs, lap & position numbers options

    - Added option to use your favourite OSD without displaying revs, lap & position numbers...
  2. Refined Sky Sports

    - Refined design of Sky Sports version 2. Curve matches TV, also the far left contour is darker...
  3. bonus

    I refined my first sky sports display to make it as close to real life as possible. This is now...

Latest reviews

One of the best mods for any game
Sublime quality and graphical look. No bugs. Improvement on the rather boring default HUD look. However, no picture examples of each category in download is a bit frustrating, install is very easy. Unfortunate not to have purple on sector split, but nothing can supposedly be done about it. Definitely recommend.
Thank you!!!!
Thanks for the update =)
Really good! Thank you, excelent job!
Thank you! Wonderful job!
Looks soooo neat!
Absolutely fantastic. Everything looks really neat, and I really love what I am seeing. Everything is changed to look absolutely great!
Thanks, kind words and I'm happy you are enjoying it!!
Extremely creative, given the many core limitations of the game engine. Perfect! :)
If it wasnt for your help with the coding it wouldnt have been possible mate! Thanks so much, enjoy!
good job!!!
Awesom work mate!!! :)
just a little thing, can you do an update, where the box whit the times are glowing red, green or purple like in the default?
that´s something i´m missing a little bit but all over it´s very nice!
Author's Response
Unfortunately it isnt possible. I made the coloured version as a compromise!
Fantastic update! Great creativity!
i made a 5 star because looks great ... but can anyone teach me how to make this work? regards
i only dont see gear 8 on the osd if i am in gear 8 it says gear 7 on the osd
Author's Response
This unfortunately isnt fixable so far when using with the 2014 mod. Ive been looking through code to try and fix this but so far no luck. You will find this is an issue with the original osd too.
Thanks, is perfect.
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