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Real PCU-6D Leds 3.0

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Led taken directly from a real high resolution PCU-6D photo image and then implimented using photoshop.
This led mod is designed to co-exist with lyolik's excellent Realistic LED Display Module mod.

1. lyolik's mod can be found here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/resources/realistic-led-display-module.1165/
2. Load any desired team's interior (from lyolik's mod) with Ryder PSSG Editor and then simply import my supplied int_digi_tach_full.tga as a replacement.

Hopefully people have enough know how by now to know how mods work etc etc.
Thanks again to lyolik for his excellent mod/work on the PCU-6D display!
Don't forget to backup your files, Enjoy!

PCU-6D Leds 00.jpg
PCU-6D Leds 01.jpg
PCU-6D Leds 03.jpg
PCU-6D Leds 04.jpg
PCU-6D Leds 05.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Now including PCU-8D leds!

    Now including PCU-8D leds using the same technique. Enjoy!
  2. more accurate implementation in photoshop

    I used a more accurate (and time consuming) method in photoshop, enjoy!

Latest reviews

nice light ;)
very good,,,,,,,,,,
thank you
Great mod
Perfect mods, both versions! Thank You!
very nice it works
Thank you, now I use it...
Very nice. Enhances the looks a lot :D Awesome job.
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