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TT alternative weather (weathers + ppfilter) 0.9

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So heres my current conclusion of my tweaking of originally blackcelicas ppfilter (now quite different) and my own weather along with it.

Recommended settings:
Under options->video->effects: set 'color saturation' to 85%

This is mainly tested and recommended at 17:00-17:30.

Feel free to tweak it further and show us all the results.

Please redownload since there was some error with the original due to the name change, something wierd happened. Fixed now.
Tomas Torasen
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Latest updates

  1. Compatible with AC 1.4

    Just added compatibility with latest update of AC (1.4). There have been some alterations in...
  2. fixed a glare issue

    Fixed an issue with glare parameters that was hard to notice at first. A biproduct of adding...
  3. optimized and added cloud textures, further tweaked weathers and added sharpening

    Optimized and added cloud textures, further tweaked weathers and added sharpening, balanced and...
  4. Total overhaul

    This is a total overhaul of the previous weather (Evening_storm) and also adds another weather...
  5. Added sweetfx addon

    Added sweetfx addon. It makes a big difference. Thanks again to blackcelica for the help.

Latest reviews

as usual tomas , good job , thank you.
Just before the storm or after a heavy rain. An example of those sunny, cold, winter evenings... Genius!
Don't you think there's way too much Sun for some "evening" AND "storm" weather ? :-S
So, there's no one but two reason that there should not be that much Sun on track.
But 5 stars for your effort. :-)
On positive side, clouds textures look great.
Tomas Torasen
Tomas Torasen
Thanks. Well. It resembles something I've seen sometimes. I didnt want to make an everyday weather but something more artistic. I'm a photographer and have been searching for IRL-weather many years. You can for example see these dark skies together with bright sun, many times after rain for example. So I dont think it's that far from something that could exist. Also I used the sun to create a more dynamic look.