Mazda 787B - Martini Racing

Mazda 787B - Martini Racing 0.4

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Been working some time on this. Took some time making the metallic metal finish that I wanted as a base, then adjusting and tweaking all liveries and designs.
I will update it later with matching body suit, gloves and helmet.

Screens taken with my weather mod which can also be downloaded here at RD:
Tomas Torasen
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed issue with tire and rims-blur

    Fixed issue with tire and rims-blur. Next will be added driver suit, gloves and helmet.

Latest reviews

Very very good Work! Congratolations! more please! :-D
THis is 0.3!? Keep at it.
Nice skin, however you don't have a rims_blur file so the rims default to stock whilst at speed and tireblur should be named tire_blur
Tomas Torasen
Tomas Torasen
Cool I'll look into it when I get back home next week
stunning desing
Cool skin. Bad disk+tires blur in speed !!!
Tomas Torasen
Tomas Torasen
Whats bad about them? It's basically just one way of making a radial blur. Perhaps I could add a bit of brightness so the graphics shows through in speed more.