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Troy Bayliss & Loris Capirossi Motogp 17 1.1

Motogp 17

  1. Aaron Smythe
    MotoGP17X64 2017-07-10 21-08-21-91.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-09 15-06-44-86.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-10 21-09-05-16.jpg MotoGP17X64 2017-07-09 15-00-56-47.jpg Troy Bayliss & Loris Capirossi for Motogp 17.

    This is a rerelease for Motogp 17 . These have been tweaked a bit from the old VRTG mods I did last year . Troy Bayliss has Ti pipe and darker visor ( needed for Motogp 17 ) . Loris Capirossi has finished suit this time with some tweaking done + Ti Pipe + Darker visor .

    Oh . I changed the Ride position for Troy in the GFXGEM / GFXGEM_PILOTS.BML . Changed it to 0 .
    If people want a rider position change for the classics let me know and I will upload an alternative GFXGEM for ya ....
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sizhao Zhang
    Sizhao Zhang
    Version: 1.1
    Great work! I like your Mods very much.
    Could you please add 2007 Casey Stoner's livery with barcode?
    1. Aaron Smythe
      Author's Response
      thanks . Interesting , I will see how time goes
  2. Pazuzu
    Version: 1.1
    good work. This is four strokes to extract?
    1. Aaron Smythe
      Author's Response
      Thanks . Yes extract 'Fourstrokes' Mix with Remixer . Overwrite with modded files then remix .
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