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TripleScreen Cockpit Cams v1.0 2015-08-08

Head & dash cams tweaked for a better feel using multiple screens

  1. MoodyB
    Note - my setup is running 4480x1080 in windowed mode due to using 2 1280x1024 monitors at either side of my 1920x1080 centre monitor, running an NVidia gfx card.

    So for proper triple screen users you'l have a bit more visible to the left and right sides of the pic above, and the 2 below.

    (Triple screen headcam view with fov at 0.2)

    (Triple screen dashcam view with fov at 0.2)

    About the mod

    This mod changes both the position & fov of the head & dash cams.

    It's an updated version of my older CloserHeadCams mod.
    I have changed the name as the dash cams are modded now as well.

    The cams have been set up to mostly suit triple screen users, but it will work fine with single screens too if you like the much closer / narrower view shown below :

    (Single screen headcam view with fov at 0.2)

    The position of the head cam's been moved closer to the wheel & windscreen, whereas the dash cam has been moved back slightly.

    Both views are very similar, with the dash cam being slightly further forward than the head cam.

    The dash cam fov is now adjustable too.

    The fov for both cams has been changed from their default values to have a broader range.

    It is now an fov of 40 when the slider is at 0.0, and an fov of 55 when it's at 1.0.

    If you want to calculate what the ideal fov is for your setup, then use mrPix's webpage here - http://www.projectimmersion.com/fov/index.php

    I tend to play with the slider at 0.2 (fov of 43) as this hides some of my monitor bezels in the windscreen pillar.

    The fov slider can be adjusted in 'Profile -> Game Preferences -> Camera Field Of View'

    Or when in-game at 'Options -> Preferences -> Camera Field Of View'


    How To Install :

    Inside the 'ModdedCams' folder is a 'cars' folder.
    Extract this to the root of your Dirt Rally install, allowing it to overwrite existing files.

    To Uninstall / Revert back to the default cameras :

    Inside the 'OriginalCams' folder is a 'cars' folder.
    Extract this to the root of your Dirt Rally install, allowing it to overwrite existing files.


    Thanks to Ryder25 for writing his essential BXML converter, which let me mod the cameras in the first place.

    Thanks to MrPix for his excellent fov calculator, found here - http://www.projectimmersion.com/fov/index.php

    And thanks also to Tommi-TAG for updating his list of car folder names on the RD forums.
    Saves a lot of trial & error.

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Recent Reviews

  1. RinusDirtRally
    Version: 2015-08-08
    This is madness! Also useable in Potraitmode. Keep it bookmarked!
  2. Manuel Staedel
    Manuel Staedel
    Version: 2015-08-08
    works fine!
  3. hardcoreog
    Version: 2015-08-08
    Best mod for triple screens yet. thx
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