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Closer Head Cameras v1.25

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This mod moves the head camera forwards, closer to the steering wheel, and also changes the range the in-game Field Of View slider works over.

By default this range is 47.5 to 52.5.

This is changed to be 45 to 55

Field Of View set at 0.0 (45) :


Field Of View set at 1.0 (55) :


I've included the original camera files in the zip, so it's easy to revert back if you don't like it.

To Install :

Inside the 'ModdedCams' folder is a 'cars' folder.
Extract this to the root of your Dirt Rally install, allowing it to overwrite existing files.

To Uninstall / revert back to the default cameras :

Inside the 'OriginalCams' folder is a 'cars' folder.
Extract this to the root of your Dirt Rally install, allowing it to overwrite existing files.

Latest updates

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    Just a minor update to tweak the cams for the 3 new RallyX cars.
  2. Missing cars added

    Just a minor update to add the missing cameras for the cars added in the Pikes Peaks & Tarmac...
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Latest reviews

Thank you MoodyB!
Your mod is perfect for me because you changed the view from the head view (I didn't use it before because too far behind)

I enjoy now evry car with this new cockpit view.

Thumb up for your mod!
Love this mode man,thanks!
Love this! This is the perfect distance for me because I am using a phone behind my wheel for my speedometer / gears so I don't really need to see them on the screen. Thanks a bunch!
You're welcome. If you're using Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround I'll be releasing v1.2 over the next few days which should play nicer with the eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml file thanks to MrPix's guide -
Like this mod, but for me another version would be good if it could come back so the centre spool of the wheel was just in view...please..or what app your using to adjust.
Try MsportDan's camera mod for a view that's pulled back a bit :

My mod will stay closer to the windscreen as that's the view I use for my triple screen setup.

To edit your own camera files, have a read here :
Thank you! Good job! But with this change I do not see the tachometer OSD ... can you fix it?
The tachometer OSD wasn't available with the original head cam view either, but I'll see if I can enable it.
great buddy thx!!!
Just what i was hoping for. Found the dash cam too close and the cockpit too distracting. This is a perfect balance for me personally. Nice work
Nice cams. Thank you, MoodyB. :)
You're welcome. I've noticed the Lancia Integrale's a bit too close atm, but if you'e any other suggestions then fire away.
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