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TrackMapPlugin 32bit & 64bit by Fazerbox 0.96

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The TrackMap Plugin has been developed and released by Fazerbox!


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A. Only if previous plugin version ALREADY installed:
  1. Delete TRACKMAP Folder from rFactor/Plugins
  2. Delete TRACKMAPPLUGIN.INI from rFactor2 root folder and rFactor2/Bin32 folder
  3. Delete TRACKMAPPLUGIN.DLL from rFactor2/Bin32, from rFactor2/Bin32/Plugins and rFactor2/Plugins
  4. Delete all files TrackMapPlugin.ini FROM rFactor2 folder and subfolders

B. Run TrackMapPlugin_095_setup.exe that will install:
  1. TrackMap Plugin
  2. Microsoft VC Runtime Library "vcredist_x86" and "vcredist_x64". Mandatory for Plugin Working!

If Plugin doesn't work

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Special Thanks
My special Thanks to Slow Motion (Marco), that spent a lot of his time to test and discovery very hidden bugs.
I can affirm that without him, TrackmapPlugin should have been a very different thing.
Thanks Marco!

Slow Motion
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  1. TrackMapPlugin 32bit 64bit by Fazerbox version 0.96

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Latest reviews

This is old plugin (not working with latest build) , better to use simhub to do this and more.
Unstall howto:
Delete the related files from the rar, u don't need to reinstall game to delete this plugin. (look in rar to find what needs removing). Also CustomPluginVariables.JSON in the UserData\player folder is what enables or disables a plugin loading. BUT its also important to delete the d3d9.dll's (bin32 & bin64 folders) as these will activate regardless of plugin enabled or disabled and crash stuff. (just go though rar and remove all related files completely is safest way to disable and remove it)
Did all instructions and after game crashing I did what it told if it started crashing and still does now, have to delete everything now
it crashed my rf2,also after reinstalling the game,the plugin is still there...i can't play anymore
Crashed my rf2 all the way. I tried everything but nothing worked. I was forced to reinstall rf2 in order to get it work again.
After installing, my game won't even startup.. Do not download.
Great job. Everything works escept the map display ( message : no map loaded mode : fix ) An idea to fix it please ?
Old version didn't work well for me, but this v. 0.96 is good. Thank you for that great plugin.
Vai ter alguma atualização para DX11 rf2?
Top Plugin! It provides a track map and a lot of info. Like tyres, fuel, tyres, brakes, Motec. All custumizable from in-game menu. 5*****
good job
Great app but is there a way to remove or move around the elements? It adds quite a lot which can get in the way of my view with my current POV
Track Map <3
So this is pretty good. I lie, it's excellent.
Nitpicking here, but is there a way of fixing the flicker apart from bringing up FPS? It just seems kinda way weird.
But it's awesome, so no biggy, 10 thumbs up.
can someone please make a version that works with windows 7, I'm lost without it.
John, i'am using Win7 and it runs perfectly smooth with no stutters . Maybe a background process is causing your issue!
long time since update, still great app
Best plugin ever
A must! Thanks
Could you please help me with my problem? I can reposition and resize all on screen (on track).. except the actual map.. it's very big. I can move the map around but not scale/zoom it down in size. Tried everything and wont work. Tried shift+, ctrl+ an alt+ arrow keys.
very nice. I love it.
Works great. Love this plugin. Paradox47.. if you would have visited the isi would have read about alittle patch and one little change...that would have fixed all your issues. Completely stable!!
Works very unstable. Can't delete this plugin properly. Its broke my game. I had to reinstal whole game again.
I am unable to edit the options in TrackMap when I give the command Alt + Space and then ENTER simply nothing happens. What should I do?
Slow Motion
Can you please confirm you are following this procedure?
1. from monitor go to race
2. wait for few seconds (about 15) to load the TrackMap widgets
3. press ALT+SPACE to see and navigate into the first menu
4. make your choices...

For more details regarding the features please read the manual also if it refers to a previous version.

Let me know!
Excellent plugin. All the info needed right in front of you.