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500_695 Abarth rFactor2 3.2

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Please read these few notes before asking for anything. Email me for any suggestion, help, improvement: slowmotion@symracing.net

1. I assembled the "500_695 Abarth RFE" mod for rFactor1 few weeks ago for my personal pleasure in fighting with some friends of mine and I asked for a modder able to convert it to rFactor2: here is a new great component for rFactor2, converted by Thuro76!

2. The component allows the "500 Assetto Corse" and the "695 Evoluzione", that can be driven together or like a single class. You can enjoy smooth differences in driving the different classes.

3. Currently the rFactor2 new physic is limited to the tyres (original TGMs by ISI, that match exactly the real Michelin's compounds of the Abarth). In the future I hope the mod will be enhanced, also with the help of the community, to add the new "chassis", new suspensions, etc... In the meantime I want to thank Nicola Acciarri for setting the physical coefficients of the rFactor1 mod, ported by me with few adjustments to rFactor2.

4. A special thank to SRZ - SimRacingZone.net for support in finding the right person that helped me in releasing this component.

5. Please note this is formally a multicomponent, because of the sound mas file is located into a separate folder in Sounds.

6. Please address any request, suggestion to slowmotion@symracing.net
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Latest updates

  1. 500_695 Abarth rFactor2 3.2

  2. 500 695 Abarth rFactor2 version 3.0

    NEW - NEW - NEW Please read these few notes before asking for anything. Email me for any...
  3. New version 2.5 available!

    NEW - NEW - NEW Please read these few notes before asking for anything. Email me for any...

Latest reviews

Glad to drive an Italian racing car. Well done, mate. Ben fatto, insomma!
I absolutely love this mod! This was one of my favorite cars in Assetto Corsa, and am thrilled to have it for RF2. Such fun to throw around! Very nicely done and a thousand thanks!
Fantastic cars, thanks!
THX, really happy for an update to this great mod.
yes, like FAX413 said ,really good feeling with FFB. I think it's much better then AC's abarth . Thx!
supa dupa
After test, really good feeling with FFB Great Job :-)
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