Total upgrade 2008 Season Mod -Part 1 2.0

"Total Upgrade for Wpinrui wondeful 2008 Season Mod"

  1. talisman
    20170116205647_1.jpg 20170117202907_1.jpg 20170117203658_1.jpg 20170117203701_1.jpg 20170117204651_1.jpg 20170117204655_1.jpg 20170117210004_1.jpg 20170106184010_1.jpg 20170111153231_1.jpg 20170117205117_1.jpg by Talisman and Chianamik
    "Total Upgrade for Wpinrui wondeful 2008 Season Mod"

    update livery car
    New Bootup Intro
    - Removing DRS race voice & "f1 2014" voice intro
    - No DRS for more circuits
    - update garage
    - real helmets for all drivers
    -new liveries suites race
    -new gloves
    -New drivers menu selection
    -update circuits like in real season with new sponsors
    New circuits menu selection
    New Avatar drivers
    Pics of Drivers opponents in career menu
    New Damage level
    New OSD
    New Interiors
    Real Starting Grid for 3 laps
    Database for full laps and database for 8 laps in career
    Mini cars in the career menu
    Mistakes and bad luck
    Skip video for career

    Carefully before you need to download the mod 2008 season 1.1 Wipinrui.

    A Special thanks to these guys:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Miel
    Version: 2.0
    grande lavoro perĂ² potresti usare altri chassis per esempio per la mclaren del 2012,poi quello della mercedes 2014 ecc. e poi mancano valencia e istanbul
  2. IAmTheLegendITA
    Version: 1.5
    Fantastic job!!!!
    1. talisman
      Author's Response
      thanks a lot from Talisman and Chianamik :)
  3. snowflower
    Version: 1.5
    1. talisman
      Author's Response
      thanks a lot from Talisman and Chianamik :)
  4. chianamik
    Version: 1.5
    ........ :-)))))))) .....thx for this upload my friends!!!!
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