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Too Much Information (Set of overlays)

Too Much Information (Set of overlays) 1.1

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A set of overlays for SimHub, that I am not going to pretend are pretty. But they have helped me understand the course of sessions, without having to do lots of mental maths.
_The Overlays.png
Primarily in use in Automobilista 2, but these also work in Project CARS2, and with some limitations in Assetto Corsa.
  • Tune your performance with timing screens, showing three cars ahead, and two behind with info on their lap times; also personal performance against best and potential sector and laps.
    The Everything Timing Overlay_01.png
    The Everything Timing Overlay_02.png
    The Everything Timing Overlay_03.png

    The only thing I haven't figured out that I would want to know (depending on the session) is when opponents have pitted, and their pit times. Any ideas?

  • The usual car info:
    The Car Status Overlay.png

  • A radar that tells me if I have to worry about the car behind me.
    The Radar.png

  • And a session summary that calculates whether I can finish in time for my dinner.
    The Session Status Overlay.png
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Latest updates

  1. Fade when not moving!

    Unchanged functionality, but fading out at <5kmh, so buttons and setup editing screens are...
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