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  1. Dave deRave

    Too Much Information (Set of overlays) 1.1

    A set of overlays for SimHub, that I am not going to pretend are pretty. But they have helped me understand the course of sessions, without having to do lots of mental maths. Primarily in use in Automobilista 2, but these also work in Project CARS2, and with some limitations in Assetto Corsa...
  2. Assetto Corsa * 2020 GT-R GT500 [update]

    Assetto Corsa * 2020 GT-R GT500 [update]

    fore more info visit the yt video description
  3. V

    Assetto Corsa CSP

    Hello, how to uninstall Custom Shader Patch and clean all the tails from the Content Manager? I want to reinstall the game cleanly.