Symmons Plains Raceway 0.95

Symmons Plain raceway, track, rf2, rfactor2, whata-design

  1. Ian Franssen
    Shaun "WHAT21A" Stroud of Whata-designs has released Symmons

    Plains Raceway.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "my first release for rFactor2, Symmons Plains Raceway in Australia is located 30KM south of Launceston, Tasmania. The circuit is best known for hosting a round of the Australian V8Supercar Championship currently known as the Microsoft Office Tasmania 365.

    This beta releasing introduces the circuit to rFactor2 and therefore may include bugs and various other problems, this beingmy first release on the platform I wanted to get it out there for people to test and see where I can improve.

    I would like to thank Tosch for his hard work on the AIW and HDR profiles for the circuit and ISI for making the game and being available for questions during development of the track."
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Recent Reviews

  1. PieterN
    Version: 0.95
    Excellent track. Well made, attention to detail and competitive AI.
  2. Philbert GTR UK
    Philbert GTR UK
    Version: 0.95
    Absolutely Fantastic! Very high quality. Visually it looks very similar to ISI tracks.
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