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SupV8: VF Holden 2016 V8SC Pack 2.0

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2016 VF Holden Skin Pack

- .srs file and icon working
- .veh files edited, corrected to look at SupV8 reelfeel
- extra liveries added and some updates and the odd helmet and suit

this should be a good base to add the fords too - coming soon hopefully :);)

most skins= by @Rob Fitness

skins= by @Easton1 (Rick) = Erebus Motorsport Team liveries

.srs & .veh file editing advice/guidance by @PieterN

this will add a class icon image beside the Stadium trucks for this class.

this is using slot series 21, so it may clash with other mods in development at this stage, but this is all im working on at the moment.

We Hope these V8 Supercar liveries bring enjoyment to your driving in this sim.

The 2016 cars are in their own category, and other years & fantasy skins separated.

please do not distribute anywhere else without permission.

<<< installation >>>


X:\"STEAM INSTALL FOLDER"\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\SuperV8\FordV8Teams
X:\"STEAM INSTALL FOLDER"\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\SuperV8\SuperV8_2016
X:\"STEAM INSTALL FOLDER"\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\SuperV8\SuperV8_OtherV8SCs

Drop into you Automobilista Folder and let it overwrite files.
X:\"STEAM INSTALL FOLDER"\steamapps\common\Automobilista

Rob Fitness
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.0 of the SuperV8 Skins - use with EA v0.9.3X onwards

    - might have a couple extra cars in it now, i cant remember all the first release content now...

Latest reviews

I have no idea how this got higher votes. I've tried everything. I've followed everything. But the cars doesn't load properly and also it breaks the original SuperV8 mod. Damn it.
Much appreciated, thanks for the upload!
Does not work I have a series of error messages
thks !
AMAZING.. This game gets better and better thanks to mods like this! Thank you for all your hard work!
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
hi mate, this is old news now lol.... but unfortunately I cannot remove the posts. The below link is what we are up too now
Very good skins, what font did you use for the window nubers and names?
Hey Mate , This looks like it would be Awesome but it seems to be conflicting with the existing v8 , all i get is the V8SC icon and only safety car in both v8 catagories . Can you please give me a little guidence .
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
Hi, Search Facebook for
"R & R's V8SC Skins for Automobilista" there is a full download for current version and a .ini fix fir the latest update
Top notch :) Thanks for your work
Perfect Skins, really nice. But it didn't work in 1.0! It's something wrong on my game or it's the skin pack?
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
It's the skin pack. Changes made in the release version affect this pack working. There is a patch on the Facebook page. Search Facebook for
R & R's V8SC Skins for Automobilista
I will do a update here when I get around to it
Thanks Heaps. Any update on the Ford please?
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
haven't you got the FG Ford ?
Nice work guys..Bring on the Fords..quickly please.
you are the real MVP! thank you
Great job. Wow! Thank you for this great work
Awesome. Fantastic job mate :)
Fantastic work guys
Brilliant work, thanks Rob. Cant wait for the Ford skins to finish the grid :).
Wow,lovely work,thank you.
Many many thanks for a great work ! ! !
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
thank you Mr Bostrom
Good Job!
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
thanka you
great work......with lack of Nissan and Volvo shapes anytime soon, might we see those skins on this shape?
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
thank you.. not sure about the other makes on the SuperV8, I think eventually yes. but I was hoping to go back through these teams and do suits and garages ... helmets might be to hard for me still
Awesome job guys!
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness