Subaru F1 team package 1.1

Subaru F1 team package for F1 2016!

  1. Nlmikygames
    Hello All,

    This is the Subaru F1 Team package!
    It's my first mod for download so it's not perfect,
    Enjoy the mod and tell what you think about it!

    Future Plans:
    • Custom helmets
    • More driver choices (now only Ocon)
    • When able, Changing nationalities
    • Make everything perfect
    • More Language compatible (EN only now)
    So expect some upcoming updates/fixes, so let me now if you find something!

    Also thanks to arvaimate00 for the readme help, installtion paths for these mods! Check his content as well!

    It replaces Manor and here Why:

    Subaru wanted to go bigger and better for their future, and decided to go in F1,
    It was too expensive too add their team then taking over a team, and whith sauber having new investers, Manor was the only option left to take over.
    After a lot of talkes the deal was finished en over, Subuaru will debut in 2017!
    ============================================== 20161113135453_1.jpg 20161113135500_1.jpg 20161113135629_1.jpg 20161113135653_1.jpg 20161113135710_1.jpg 20161113135810_1.jpg 20161113135942_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. galby
    Version: 1.1
    Nice job, but where's 2016-manor_logo_01_d.tga?
  2. Crekkan
    Version: 1.1
    Looks really nice and distinctive, defo something to use later in Career mode when I restart. Only gripe is "Subaro" but eh, could be fixed later? X)
    1. Nlmikygames
      Author's Response
      It is fixed, but the pictres not yet! the car now says Subaru!
  3. egorushka
    Version: 1.0
    Nice! look like my old subaru livery
    1. Nlmikygames
      Author's Response
      Nice to hear you like it! make me feel it was worth the time :D
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