Stoffel Vandoorne F1 2016 Mod 1.2

Replaces Button with Vandoorne, includes helmet, number and language file.

  1. TheDuck
    This mod replaces Jenson Button in-game with Stoffel Vandoorne

    It Includes:
    • Language File, with his name and stats replacing Jenson's
    • Helmet that works at both close and long range
    • Vandoorne's number on the car instead of Button's
    Files included are language_eng.lng, jenson_button_helmet_d.tga.mipmaps, incardriver.erp, mclaren.erp and mclaren_driver_22.tga in their respective folders.

    To Install: Simply copy the contents of the F1 2016 folder in the zip file (asset_groups, character_package, f1_2016_vehicle_package and localisation) into
    your F1 2016 game folder.

    Future Plans:
    • Flag Nationality
    • Driver Model

    Gallery of In-Game Screenshots:

    Credits: for the original helmet in character_package, I did the rest.

    If you want to have both this and my Ocon mod all in one, I have created a zip that has both in, found here -

    Hope you enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. xFitcho
    Version: 1.2
    Awesome! Had a problem with it not working at long range. But I fixed it. I put in the character_package files, exported the helmet file from ERP. Ran the file through photoshop. Restored the character_package to default. Then replaced Buttons helmet with Vandoornes through ERP. Now it all works fine! No issues at long range anymore
    1. TheDuck
      Author's Response
      Weird how it wasn't working originally as it works fine for me and everyone else, and how you describe you fixed it seems like how I made the mod. And that I originally fixed the long range bug by putting it in incardriver too (which no other helmet mofs seem to do, they seem to just have it in character_package which is why its glitched) but at least it is fixed now. Thanks.
  2. Julian_54
    Version: 1.2
    Great job m8! Can you do the same with Esteban Ocon at Manor? That would be very appreciated!
    1. TheDuck
      Author's Response
      Yep! Will start working on it now, shouldn't take too long.
  3. Wilkey
    Version: 2016-10-14
    Will this damage other mods if I replace the incardriver.erp
    1. TheDuck
      Author's Response
      Only if you downloaded another mod which includes a modded incardriver.erp file.
      If that's the case, export jenson_button_helmet_d.tga from my incardriver.erp file (it should look like Vandoorne's helmet) and import it into your one. Remember to make a backup in case it doesn't work.
  4. Dimitar Vitanov
    Dimitar Vitanov
    Version: 2016-10-14
    Good job ! Great mod ! (i made the helmet btw :D)
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