speed limit for AI on Nordschleife Flugplatz

speed limit for AI on Nordschleife Flugplatz 1.1

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Maybe you have experienced sometimes that very fast cars like the P1 or Zonda R (or highly modified tuned cars) can climb too fast towards Flugplatz on Nordschleife (the jump section at the start of the Ring) flying off track into the barriers or onto the grass.
This ai_hint tiny mod lets the AI cars slow down to 200-240kmh max just before the lift off section, preserving a guarantee safe corner exit and keeping a fair amount of corner speed.
It is also standard protocol now in real life since the unfortunate death of a spectator at a GT3 edurance event where a Nissan GT-R GT3 lifted off over the barriers into the crowd.
Test for yourselves (no vid, sorry)
don't forget to backup first ;-)
Just overwrite in ks_nordschleife tracks.
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Latest reviews

Thank you for picking up where Kuno's left off. Excellent! :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Many thanks. Could you check for me if the Hohenrain speed limit works at the end of the straight? I couldn't manage to get it to function last night. Very strange.
In my experience, speed carried over the jump is not so important. I usually let off the gas and the car doesn't take off.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
This is for the AI to do the same ;-)
I only ever drive the endurance layout, so I'm looking forward to the update with the Hohenrain fix... thanks for that Sunny!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Endurance lay-out now updated. Just not sure if the Hohenrain section speed limit works. Couldn't make it function last night. Don't know why.
Excellent idea!
I find the section that really causes problems with GT and high speed cars is Hohenrain, way too often they hit the kurbs too fast and careen into the rails. Any chance you could give that a fix like this? :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Give me a week or so. Work, wife and kids come first but with pleasure; -)
Nice Idea :)