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Spectator mode overlays: an early example 008

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New release, this one contains:
  • Track map showing positions on map as well as a speed trap showing the best top speed for the duration the window has been active.
  • Added the ability to get the information autoDirector was using to make decisions without having it switch the camera for you. Called it "Director suggestions". Hopefully this gives extra info to broadcasters during qualifications.

Note: We haven't tested all the different track maps so some might be going the wrong direction, please let us know if you see that. There might also be some "jerk" issues with the track map on tablets.

New update:
  • Lower weighting of overall grid positions
  • Add more weight to fights
  • Add more weight to "alreadyHasFocus" so shots should be longer
  • Add a cool down so if hood cam is used wait 60sec until it can be used again, also tighten the distance cars need to be to initiate hood cam
  • Only display best lap time purple in results, not the rest of the line
  • Fix issue where global and personal sector bests only use finished sectors and use the delta as additional points
  • Fixed issue in current standing where game was send negative timeDiff for idle players
  • Change font for numbers on generic theme so they stop "jumping around"
  • Add more weight for pole position the first 20sec
  • Removed damage points
  • Contain/scale logoOverlay to fit resolution
  • Keep session info at end phase
  • Added personal best time to driver info/focused driver in race
  • Add automatic jump to error in sublime if jsx transform throws error
Attached is the latest small update which includes an updated director widget.

The new auto director widget works by fetching as much data as possible for each driver and based on rules they are awarded "points". The driver with the most amount of points at any given time is deemed the most interesting and will be the focus of the camera.

It should be rather easy to tweak/add/remove new rules, inside there is some debug code to make it a bit easier to reason about.

Code is located in assets/components/widgets/autoDirector/autoDirector.jsx

Auto director rules:

  • Give points based on overall position
  • Deduct points for drivers standing still
  • Deduct points for drivers running an invalid lap
  • Give points to drivers without a personal best laptime in qualify and practice
  • Give points to drivers with heavy damage
  • Give points (from 0.0 to 3.0) to driver in close proximity to another car based on distance.
  • Give 10 points that diminish linearly during 10sec as they get focus to make sure camera does not fling back and forth.
  • Give points to driver that is doing faster sector times then their personal best. 1.5 points for 1st, 1 point for 2nd and 0.5 for 3rd.
  • Give points to driver that is doing faster sector times then global best. 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd.
  • Give points to driver in pole position for the first 15sec of the race.
  • Give points to driver that is in first position when there is less then 30sec left on race and session phase has not entered checkered.
  • Finally, weight all combined points based on overall position. Example: With 10 drivers in the race. 1st gets back 100% of their accumulated points, 5th will get 50%, 8th will get 20% etc.