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Spectator mode overlays: an early example 008

Get started with Spectator overlays in RaceRoom

  1. J-F Chardon
    Hello everyone!

    Yesterday's round of the DTM championship in RaceRoom was streamed on Twitch by two members of the community Sebastian Gerhard and Sascha Brandenburg. They used a quickly put together set of widgets that we thought we'd just make public so people have already an idea how it's all working and can start fiddling. We keep working on this to publish something more complete and documented at a later point. In the meantime, if you have an interest for it, you'll probably enjoy poking at this first version already.

    To get started:

    1. Install http://nodejs.org/
    2. Run start.bat
    3. Add -broadcastUrl=http://localhost:9090 in Steam Game launch
    4. Open http://localhost:9090 in browser
    5. Join mp server

    Useful links:
    1. API documentation and files
    2. Last night's stream on youtube
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