Snaefell Mountain Course

Snaefell Mountain Course 0.5

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They said it was just too big to work in AC, but I've tried it anyway. The whole 60km/37mile circuit is here; just how much of it is vaguely recogniseable to someone who knows the real thing is another matter...

There is no AI, there are no cameras, and only 10 pit boxes for now. No corner marker boards either yet, and large stretches are pretty bare. As far as physics problems are concerned, there is a bit of juddering as you pull away from the pit area, but as soon as you're moving it seems pretty ok to me. Better drivers than me might have other opinions...

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Latest updates

  1. Just in time for the TT...

    Since this year's TT is about to begin, I'm thinking it's about time to releasing an update...
  2. Minor update

    Minor update for AI line testing (still not working correctly) Some changes around Barregarrow...

Latest reviews

It´s great!!!!!
Thanks. ; )
You're welcome!
Great work so far! If I can suggest something the some point in the track when you can "slip out" the scenery and you need to revert back to the pit. There's something wrong in the collision system. This could be quite annoying in a 60Km long track :P
Thanks! Yeah, it really needs to have walls built in to avoid going off where you can't get back on. As it is you can pretty much go anywhere, but there's a tendency to drop through the scenery. It's on the list...
Still addicted!

Hey is it just me or have my latest AI (v0.1.2) made the whole experience feel smoother and slightly grippier? Or perhaps detailed muscle-memory is finally happening and I'm imagining that...
rated 4* because i am so happy to see the full course available for 4 wheels. :D
thx. .........
Compared with some quality tracks - i.e Simtraxx 72km Targa Florio or Transfagarasan - this is not at all ready : poor!
That's why it's v0.5... I've been working on it for over a year, and there's still loads to do, but I'm still having fun making it. I hope some of you are having fun driving it
As you say, this is a massive workload you have taken. A good start, but it needs a lot of work around the track. Some buildings and trees are hovering above ground, and the grass needs another texture. But a good start!
With the Pace Note App, it's a blast! Can only improve with further updates!
That's not a bad idea!
It's a WIP but I like to drive on.
Thanks to share.
70km, but bad quality :(
Fantastic, keep up the good work, what a drive :D
Great Course - very simple as of V.1 /.2 but it feels like a grand road trip. Love Having Google Maps open on Monitor 2 while I cruise around.
I'm getting started on custom buildings around the course to make it feel more real. Corner boards as well are coming along. Glad you're enjoying it!
Good start so far, though if you want to get the track to run in mp you need to rename the track folder from TT to tt, just a heads up :) I'll be watching this with interest!
I've still to fix a problem with the AI that makes most of the field dive off the course after 100m... so no MP for now, sorry
I loved the course, thanks for bringing this to assetto corsa
Hi! Great! I feel like trip. Please go on!
This is great, keep it up.

It's a mammoth task to fill out all the scenery. As mentioned already it's tricky to work out where you are. I wondered if it would help to put in the 30mph speed limit signs and the welcome to Ramsey etc... village signs as a quick fix. Also the track map wouldn't display for me, but that could be my end.

The mountain section is really nice (until I fell off it)...
Thanks! I'm working on the corner boards at the moment, which should help
On a good way, please go on! Hope for a 1.0 ;-)
Yay I get to drive my home track in a proper sim..for your first attempt have to say I'm pretty bloody impressed..keep up the good work
Thanks! First Manx comment... you could probably help me out ;^)
Hello, super road! Available in multiplayer? it does not work
Thanks! For now there's no AI, so no single player races. There are plenty of pit boxes for online
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