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Snaefell Mountain Course 0.5

Also known as the Isle of Man TT Circuit (alpha)

  1. Just in time for the TT...

    Since this year's TT is about to begin, I'm thinking it's about time to releasing an update. It's almost a year now that I've been working on this... There are now custom buildings, such as the Creg Ny Baa, Kate's cottage, the Railway Inn, the Raven pub in Ballaugh. Many more tweaks to road profiles and widths, road markings etc. etc. The track mesh has been reduced in complexity. Still loads more to be done, however, hence the 0.5. I had hoped to finish the corner boards before the next...
  2. Minor update

    Minor update for AI line testing (still not working correctly)
    Some changes around Barregarrow and Curraghs
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