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Sky Speed View Mas Du Clos 0.9

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Extra camera set for the very nice (but still in development) track Mas Du Clos by @jimm lloyd.

vid :
Grand Tourist
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Latest updates

  1. Balloon and Drone cams with speed trap cams

    changelog: -added cameras_3 (Sky Speed Balloon & Drone Cams)
  2. another cam set (Sky Speed Photo Cam) for Mas Du Clos

    current cam sets in this mod : -cameras_1 (Sky Speed View) -cameras_2 (Sky Speed Photo Cam)...

Latest reviews

Beau travail, ça manquer, continue comme ça
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Merci beaucoup, je vais faire un ai_hints file aussi pour temporiser le ai aux courbes.
Nice Cameras View, Thank you!!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome.
good work , thanks
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
thx, just about to upload another cam set ;-)
Who gives extra cameras 1 star? Thanks mate for providing more cams.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Someone who doesn 't has the guts to reveal himself. Like a true coward.
Thank you for your 5 stars.