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Skoda 130 RS

Skoda 130 RS 1.9

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Trained Monkey Modding team presents Skoda 130 RS!

"The legend", "Porsche of the East", and "Dream car of our fathers" are just a few nicknames of this amazing piece of art on wheels. Everyone from former Czechoslovakia knows about this car. Designed in 1975 and created with the help of modern technologies like IBM computer, it won numerous events like the famous Rally Monte Carlo in its category. Awesome handling, awesome speed, we couldn't leave it a thing of the past...

Mod highlights:
  • Optimised for multiplayer races
  • Used all possible features of Assetto Corsa and Shader patch
    • Working rear lights
    • Working turn lights
    • Working odometer on the dashboard
    • Animated suspension
    • Animated shifter
    • Animated engine pulleys
    • Animated rear trunk (CSP only)
    • Working wipers and rain support
  • Car physics consulted with real car owners
  • Real skins from real Czechoslovak drivers (thx Racingtech CZ)
In real life, almost every owner of this legendary car did some modifications to it. We decided to make the version according the last homologation list from 1976, which is a little slower, but still fun to drive. With the weight of around 800kg, the 1.3L engine makes wonders with it.


Big thanks to AHTOAH for 3D model and for the permission to use and modify it, thanks to Racingtech CZ for awesome skinpack, Arch for physics constultations and all people which encouraged us and helped with feedback and testing. And of course ACFan for awesome sounds.

What's new in version 1.9
You know how it is, you are about to do some small fix and end up reworking half of the mod :D So basicly there are some small fixes and changes but nothing serious, the car should have now better aero (thx to Robert Habinak), more realistic engine power curve, animated suspension was fully reworked to constraint type and I fixed some issues which I found. I guess this is the last update, if I ever release version 2.0 it will be with brand new 3D model. This car definitely deserves it.

For more info about this mod, our other mods or the modding team, check our new webpage or head to our Facebook page and give us a like :)

Installation instructions and some additional info about the mod can be found in ReadMe.pdf file inside the mod's directory.

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.9

    Updates and fixes in version 1.9 reworked car aero according to data from aero simulation...
  2. Update 1.8

    - hotfix for rear axle toe variation
  3. Update 1.7

    Fixes and updates in this version: • fixed front ARB setup values and range • fixed some other...

Latest reviews

thank you very much.look great car for rallycros too.
A real blast to drive this piece of European automotive history, thanks for sharing !
awesome, thanks
I couldn't find anything that was wrong. love it
Thank you for keep updating this masterpiece.
I love this car!
Excellent car. Love IRL one and this virtul version does not dissapoint.
I can just dream some day we will be able to race more group 2 division 1 cars in AC.
Anyways, great job!
thank you
We need more Skodas!
Great Mod. Nice to drive.
Great fun very good work many thanks.
Love all the work and passion put into it!
Great car !
The car looks wonderfull and feels awesome to drive plus the bouncing keys are top notch!
Surprisingly fast car for the era. Pretty fun to drive, too.
Incredibly fun to drive! I didn't know about this car, and not sure if it drives like the real one, but it's a well made model and really pleasant to drive around on short tracks (definitely missing a 5th gear!)
Une auto que je ne connaissais pas.... vraiment cool!
Super autíčko.
Skvělé auto, stejně jako v reálné minulosti. :-)
File size
61.5 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.97 star(s) 107 ratings

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