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Skoda 130 RS

Skoda 130 RS 1.4

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Trained Monkey Modding team presents Skoda 130 RS!

"The legend", "Porsche of the East", and "Dream car of our fathers" are just a few nicknames of this amazing piece of art on wheels. Everyone from former Czechoslovakia knows about this car. Designed in 1975 and created with the help of modern technologies like IBM computer, it won numerous events like the famous Rally Monte Carlo in its category. Awesome handling, awesome speed, we couldn't leave it a thing of the past...

Mod highlights:
  • Optimised for multiplayer races
  • Used all possible features of Assetto Corsa and Shader patch
    • Working rear lights
    • Working turn lights
    • Working odometer on the dashboard
    • Animated suspension
    • Animated shifter
    • Animated engine pulleys
    • Animated rear trunk (CM only)
    • Working wipers and rain support
  • Car physics consulted with real car owners
  • Car specs set to factory version
  • Real skins from real Czechoslovak drivers (thx Racingtech CZ)
In real life, almost every owner of this legendary car did some modifications to it. We decided to make the factory version, which is a little slower, but still pleasant to drive. With the weight of 720kg, the 1.3L engine makes wonders with it.


Big thanks to AHTOAH for 3D model and for the permission to use and modify it, thanks to Racingtech CZ for awesome skinpack, big “Thanks” to Kunos for their Ford Escort 1600 sounds all people which encouraged us and helped with feedback and testing.

What's new in version 1.4
Nothing big, just some graphical fixes and updates, but now it can fly 220kmh with new gear set :)

Rally version is still waiting for update, you can download version 1.2 from our webpage.

If you want to try alternate sound mod for our car, try click here...


Our modding team doesn't and never will guarantee the accuracy of the car physics or car handling to the real counterpart by any means. Our mods are available for free, are built in our free time with the best intentions to capture the "spirit" of the particular vehicle and with limited engineering knowledge available to us. If you don't mind this fact, feel free to try it, if you do, feel free to make your own version. If you feel somehow offended or misled by driving our innacurate mods, we are deeply sorry.

For more info about this mod, our other mods or the modding team, check our new webpage or head to our Facebook page and give us a like :)

Warning! This version contains track version only. From now on we will publish both cars separately. Update for rally version will come soon.
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First release
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4.96 star(s) 70 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.4

    Fixes and updates in new version 1.4: improved some textures and materials in the interior...
  2. Update 1.3

    Fixes and updates in new version: v.1.3 • reworked car LODs from scratch to significantly...
  3. Update 1.1 hotfix

    fixed blured wheels as default in CM Sorry, my bad :)
  4. Update 1.1

    Updates and fixes in version 1.1: fixed flipped mirror mapping in both versions fixed issues...

Latest reviews

I can't hear the car engine. As? Same as car Octavia (cup)
the driving is so nice and the fact that everything works (blinkers, lights, vents and wipers) is a big fat plus
Really fun to drive
Really nice. Would be great if the wheels were still rendered in LOD D, as currently you can notice them change from white wheels to just a black circle in replays, mirrors etc
usually happens with custom LOD settings in shader patch, lod D should be visible from 200m, when it is from 100 it can cause this kind of issues, but I will look on it.
One of the most under rated mods for the game, thank you for your work!
Love the look, feel, and especially the sound. Man, that backfire is huuuuuge. A tru gem, thx.
thanks :)
Awesome car, one of my favourites on AC!
I really LOVE this car.
Fantastic car !
Download also their skins and sound pack for best results !
Amazing work, looking forward to using this car for an upcoming SRS series!
Beautiful, another brilliant car, thanks and great work! Great model, great handling, great FFB. When even the AI seems to be enjoying the car, you know its good ;)
Very good and nice looking car
Very good car but the wheels turn very quick when you steer left/right (in addition to all my other cars). I think the steering ratio should be changed
Very polished mod with complete shaders support, nothing bad to say at all.
Love it!
Fun car with good sound and physics. Plus it has full shaders support!
Totaly in love with this car!
Thank you (all) for your work! I rly love it! <3
Absolute fantastic Mod ..... Stunning qualiti!!!!
Excelent job!
I don't know the real model, but this version is to good on grip and suspensions for a 1975 car. If the real car is that good, that it's the most underrated car ever.
Dude this car's suspension was designed with IBM computers :D It is very light (720kg) with the engine in the rear and rear wheel drive, it is known for good handling. Try to push it to the limit on green track :)
Czech driver here - wow! I´take her on the Nordschleife...
Fun to Drive! Thanks!!
Muchas Gracias =)