skoda 130 rs

  1. Tecno_165

    Škoda 130 RS - Team Motul East #166 1.0

    I found this livery laying around. I figured that I might as well upload it for anybody who cares. There is no fictional story to go along with it.
  2. A

    7 new skins for Skoda 130RS 1.0

    Hi everyone ! I did a few skins by myself for the amazing Skoda 130RS made by TMM, it's been a few months ago, and I thought I could share it with everyone here if somebody would be interested to built up an even bigger line-up. The skins are all fully fictional, the driver's names associated...
  3. José Martínez Cámara

    Skoda 130RS Efecto Ackerman skins 1.01

    Just some fantasy skins using my YouTube Channel scheme. Please, use 70's driver to enjoy the suits and helmets (just offline, of course). V. 1.01: - Added instructions for the included data.acd.optional file. Hope that will make it easier to use the seventies driver. ¡Enjoy!
  4. Alesh

    The Pebble v2 / Škoda 130RS Barum 2021-01-31

    Livery for The Pebble v2 Installation - Copy the PNG-File into: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 3\the pebble v2
  5. V

    The Pebble v2 Pebble v1

    Pebble with pebble stickers. I found it better to leave the car without in-game sponsors since old rally skodas had just only a few sponsors at the time. Just a spimple livery.
  6. MrBraindown

    New skins for Skoda 130RS 1

    I've created 4 more skins for the wonderful Skoda 130RS. I was going to add these to my existing Super-Dooper-Mega-Pack (link) but I thought that if people were interested in this brilliant car then they probably would have downloaded that pack already. You must have the mod car installed...
  7. MrBraindown

    Skoda 130 RS Super-dooper-mega-skin-pack 3

    I had a request (@Gelly916) to combine all my Skoda Skins into one pack for an SRS series, so here it is! If you've not seen these before, you'll need to download the brilliant mod car first, you can get it here, all the skins included in the original download are also excellent, so you can...
  8. MrBraindown

    Skoda 130 RS Skins 2020-03-28

    A bit bored today, so I've made a few more skins for this great car. After a brief dalliance with making some replica skins of actual cars (which can be found here), I'm back in familiar fantasy territory. The car can be downloaded here. I've created a few skins for this already, you can find...
  9. MrBraindown

    Skoda 130 RS Skins 1

    This is a great car! If you've not downloaded it before, you should - right now! It can be downloaded here. I've created a few skins for this already, you can find them here, here and here All of these liveries were fantasy creations, mainly with a boozey central theme. The mod car was...
  10. MrBraindown

    Fantasy Skins for the Skoda 130 RS - Part 2 1

    Hot on the heels of my less than stellar collection of skins for this wonderful car, (you can download this fantastic car here and my first skin pack here) I present to you a fresh batch. The Staropramen based car seemed to go down well, so I tried to make a few more that were booze-fuelled...
  11. Fuzo

    Skoda 130 RS 1.9

    Trained Monkey Modding team presents Skoda 130 RS! "The legend", "Porsche of the East", and "Dream car of our fathers" are just a few nicknames of this amazing piece of art on wheels. Everyone from former Czechoslovakia knows about this car. Designed in 1975 and created with the help of modern...