Simhub Ferrari racing series dashboard collection 1.02

dashboards for the most famous ferrari race cars vintage and contemporary

  1. alexander somers
    A collection of dashboards for the famous Simhub software. These dashboards have been made with love for detail and the cars. They are my current favorites but more will follow. The pack is focused at AC but can be used with Project cars 1 and 2 op for other models if you wish.

    included: Ferrari 312 T and 643 Formula 1 cars, 599XX EVO and 458 Challenge EVO.

    The 312T has been part of asset to for quite some time. The 643 is part of the excellent works of the ASR team. If you do not have it yet do check out their work. The 599xx evo is also well known. What is less known is that there used to be a 599xx before the eco came. Much less power, less aero etc. and most importantly another dash. Last up the 458 challenge evo or better known as the 458 Italia S3 in the AC game. Basically a standard 458 with some race additions but untouched engine. Giving it the highest output compared to its GT3 and GT2 siblings.

    All dashboards except the 599xx EVO dash are Made from scratch. The 599xx EVO is loosely based on the 599xx dash included with Simdash. Some have been designed with AC in mind including it’s disappointing api when it comes to temperature and pressure readings. In PC and PC2 however these readings are present. The dash then switches some dials from one parameter to the other. Where you can find oil pressure in PC you will see brake bias in AC for example. In the analogue dash of the 312 T temperatures are calculated based on other parameters.

    Have fun, let me know what you think so I can improve. Even if it is not working for you please.

    more details and updates to follow. On the short list is the 458 GT2 or Le Mans version and the older 599xx dash, which resembles the challenge one. Also the F40 LM is high on the list as it looks like a challenge to get it exactly right just like the 643 with its intricate dual use RPM band.

    Installation instructions specifically for the 643 dash:
    - first download and install these additional fonts if you do not already own them: LCDMono, Digital-7 and LED counter 7 all can be found at for instance.

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  1. goku supersayan
    goku supersayan
    Version: 1.02
    thank you so much for this work... really great
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