SimCycling for Assetto Corsa

SimCycling for Assetto Corsa v0.4

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  • Software
    • Assetto Corsa
    • .NET Framework 4.8
    • VJoy (used to create a virtual joystick for gas and steering control)
  • Hardware
    • ANT+ USB stick
    • Bike home trainer with ANT+ FE-C or ANT+ Power capability
    • (optional) ANT+ heart rate sensor
    • (optional) ANT+ cadence sensor
    • (optional, if you want manual steering control) Android phone mounted on your handlebars with Monect PC Remote app

Please see full readme & other details on GitHub:

Latest updates

  1. Version 0.4 released. Multiplayer fun with your friends!

    SimCycling becomes social! Ride multiplayer and see your friends' distance to you as well as...
  2. Version 0.3

    Various fixes and improvements fix behavior when link with ANT equipment is poor fix workout...

Latest reviews

Great idea and good job! Like it.
A little hard to setup and configure for senseful reaction at the beginning - but hey: we're nerds ;-)
Thank you, for your fantastic work.
Please stay on this projekt.
Thanks for your mod, now I can slowly discover the Racetracks instead of Watopia. We only need an cycling mod instead of the car :D

Maybe you could improve the Workout Graph Design like in RGT Cycling or Bkool.
Great work! Thanks!
Good start please carry on!
great work. thanks.
This is the most hilarious app I've ever seen come out of RD, and I love it.
This quite amazing!
I follow this project for a long time and it's amazing!
Don't stop your work!

(kickr snap, heart rate sensor, cadence sensor,Rouvy,...Assetto Corsa)
Amazing !
OK. I think this is the beginning of a new simulator class. Good idea
Bram Hengeveld
Damien & Co, I applaud you for doing this. I will your biggest supporter if you can get this full working. AC modders with a passion for cycling, please back this!
great idea, i dont have a bike , but is a great idea
Damien Wintz
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