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Showrooms and CM presets pack

Showrooms and CM presets pack 1.0

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All below screenshots taken with my showrooms and Content Manager.












This mod was created by me and contains 9 showrooms and 14 presets for Content Manager Custom previews.

Download the mod from this page, extract it and copy the showrooms to "\Assetto Corsa\content\showroom\" and the presets to "C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Custom Previews\".

You can use my showroom with the original Kunos showroom but I recommend using Content Manager. If you don't have it download the program from here http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/content-manager-aka-alternative-launcher.33824/ or from here http://**********/app/

Once in Content Manager, select a car, open one of my presets and take a screenshot. That's it!

Mini guide


Open Content Manager, go to content and select a car. Then click Update previews>>Options.


Then click "Switch To CM Showroom" if you have not done yet.


Then go to scene and select a preset or a showroom and take a screenshot by clicking the [+] icon.

Remember to have the latest version of Content Manager, version 0.8.882.17282 or higher, by enabling "Update to non-tested versions" option in Settings>Content manager>General.

Latest reviews

Amazing thank you!!
Upvote 0
This is what I needed, excellent thank you :)
Upvote 0
thank you
Upvote 0
this has become a must have...
its my 10th time here and now im wondering more showrooms since there's not much quality 360 or "spherical" backgrounds out there (or atleast for free)
Upvote 0
20/20 ! Great work !
Upvote 0
amazing bro!
Upvote 0
Can you do a few with touge/mountain passes? Thanks
Upvote 0
Nice Job!!
Upvote 0
Great selection of settings. Thanks!
Upvote 0
Nice! Thanks a lot!
Upvote 0
Beautiful plugin,works great
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
many thanks for your pack! fantastic and gives everyone tools to work with. people should be grateful instead of complaining, since CM gives them the tools to do what you have done! fantastic work, thanks for sharing and thanks for the useful how-to!
Upvote 0
Maybe im to sztpid to set the presets up but could you please give us a better explenation how to use your showrooms with presets in cm? Anyway the results of your screens are massive
Hi. Check the support page http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/showrooms-and-cm-presets-pack.134195/#post-2445295 for help and ask me more if needed. Thanks!
Upvote 0
Sorry mate It's too overbright, looks horrible. Standart showrooms looks well. I don't use PP, but without it the standart looks well
Upvote 0
thxs great !good job
race track showroom and pit would be more great again
Upvote 0
Love the Showrooms anyway.
I can't seem to put them in a 'Custom Previews' folder in CM...is that a full version only thing?
Upvote 0
Many thanks! \o/
Upvote 0
Omg! I am speechless.
Upvote 0
Great work , very nice backgrounds , thanks very much
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249.5 MB
First release
Last update
4.82 star(s) 22 ratings

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