Porsche Supercup 2016 Season 0.2

Porsche Supercup 2016 season

  1. St3fan
    This is my Porsche Supercup 2016 Season Assetto Corsa Career mod.

    • Real drivers' names, real drivers' nationalities, and real race cars' liveries. Please download skins from @speedracer1893 's skin pack, and @Jebus 's #48 Dino Zamparelli livery and Dinamic Motorsport liveries.
    • Actual historical weather, and actual historical temperatures from weather records on race day.
    • Full-length race, realistic practice and qualifying sessions length.
    • Round 1 Catalunya, Round 3 Spielberg, Round 4 Silverstone, Round 6 Hockenheim, Round 7 Spa, Round 8 Monza are currently included. More to come in future updates.
    • Actual real racing photos as thumbnails.

    Current to-do list:
    • Use gbw weather.
    • Use OSRW layouts for larger grid (Current 24-car grid is already quite heavy on CPU on my E3-1230v3, so more testing will be done before OSRW layouts are added).
    • Add more tracks to the career mode and complete the experience. Due to the Hungaroring track on RaceDepartment being broken for offline racing, planned update to add Hungaroring is temporarily halted.
    • Make multiple versions for people who prefer stock weather vs gbw weather, large grid vs small grid, and different versions of mods.
    • Adjust AI for individual drivers to best match their performance during the season (huge project, will take some more time).

    Current required contents download list:
    This is the first career mode that I try to create and share. Please provide feedback on it so I can keep improving it, and help me make more and better custom career mode in the future.

    0.2 2017-02-18
    There is no need to remove files from previous version when installing the update.
    • Tested all races again. Will adjust grip levels according to real world weather in the future.
    • Changed duplicate #23 Pedersen's car to #21 Thomas Laurent.
    • Corrected race start time. Now the race start time is as close as possible to the race session time on real official timetables.
    • New start screen. Logos are made to resemble actual logo used in EuroSport live broadcast.
      Due to the Hungaroring track on RaceDepartment being broken for offline racoing, planned update to add Hungaroring is canceled.

    0.1 2017-01-29
    Initial release

Recent Reviews

  1. Giovaneveterano
    Version: 0.2
    Thank you, I'm enjoying the serie
  2. robnitro
    Version: 0.1
    Thanks for this.
  3. Neville Roberts
    Neville Roberts
    Version: 0.1
    Thank you.
    I enjoy racing Championships particularly when based on reality.
    Is there are reason that Pedersen has been included in the opponents.ini twice?
    1. St3fan
      Author's Response
      That could be a mistake. I'll look into that. Thanks!
  4. peloroto
    Version: 0.1
    A lot of fun!! Thank you
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