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Scuderia Ferrari closer steering wheel [not 100%] 2014-10-17

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Hey guys, as you might have noticed, Codies designed standard steering wheels for every car that had a screen on the wheels and none of them have appropriate logos (damn it codies lol ), I decided, minutes after getting the game in fact, to insert a small Ferrari logo where I could.

Initially, it was made just for me but as I thought that other people would be crossed about that just like me, I decided to share it. I shall upload pictures soon (exams), but I't wont hurt to try it out.

Let me know what you think about it cause you know, I'm still an amateur at photoshop.
Anyway, if you made it that far, thanks for reading and have fun in F1 2014

EDIT: Oh I am so sorry, I forgot to include an install guide so here it is

Copy the .rar contents into /interiors/fe2 and you should be good to go, keep a backup, always :)
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