McLaren MP4-30[2015]-Honda [W05 Chassis] 1.0

The Fictional McLaren Honda 2015 using the Mercedes W05 Chassis

  1. Audren Lavenerable
    What's up RD! Here's my new mod/skin/car for F1 2015. I spent 2 hours on it (not a pro yet) and it's not perfect, but I do hop that you will like it. It features the 2014 livery with yellow SAP logos on the sidepods and on the nose as well.

    As 2015 cars should not have weird noses, I chose the W05 chassis as base to design this skin. Enjoy and ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR FILES before installing any mod.

    Known Issues: Sadly there are issues and one of them is that the black part on the sidepods cannot go higher

    Also, the SAP on the nose is somewhat cut, due to the design of the model of the car.

    Lastly, the honda logo I made for the tip of the nose doesnt appear for I dunno what reason :p

    Nevertheless, I hope you like it :)

    NOTE: I failed the angle of the SAP logos on the sidepods D:, and I hope to fix that soon :)

    Images: F1_2014 2014-11-15 04-16-59-32.jpg F1_2014 2014-11-15 04-17-11-48.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. KingL
    Version: 1.0
    Please remake the cockpit, and then the steering wheel is not visible!
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