Sauber-Mercedes C9 metallic silver livery pack

Sauber-Mercedes C9 metallic silver livery pack 1.0

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Presenting some livery fixes for the 1989 Sauber-Mercedes C9!


This time, the project was simply to add a Skin_00_map file to control the specular and reflective detail on the car, and to add a metal_detail file to give a slightly more metallic edge to the silver color of the cars. I also added the proper matte map sections for the carbon side intakes and rear wing, as well as retained the gloss reflective values for the gloss-wrapped mirrors. This gives the car a slightly more complete look with the 3 kinds of reflective values to the paint it would have had. Liveries are still the official 2k versions, just new map files and some other goodies :). Remember to back up original files before installing these, I hope they help with the immersion...because the silver arrows are supposed to be silver, not grey :)

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Thanks! Improves those skins a lot!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thank you!
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the silver surfer!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thanks Henky :)
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Great job , thanks Bernd ! :)
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Bernd Graf
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