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Safety Car Speed And Less AI Retirement 0.1

Safety car + ai retirement "fix"

  1. remydeleeuw
    This mod wil speed up the safety car and the leader will follow the safety car closer.
    Also this mod wil prevent the ai to retire when they've only lost their front wing or have a puncture.

    This mod was part of our safety car fix for f1 2012 and I decided to upload it here so you guys can use it for f1 2014.

    Please let me know if it needs some changes and if you like it leave a review.

    I recommend to use my mod with this mod.

    ai performance change, less rain in dynamic weather & optional reverse track order for career mod by driveroz247



    To all the modders that wan't to use this mod in your own mod.
    Just give Credits and put the original link to this thread in the first post of your thread. And don't forget to send a pm when you're planning to do it.

Recent Reviews

  1. redt
    Version: 0.1
    Simple yet Essential Mod
  2. luismfm
    Version: 0.1
    This is one of the best things made for CM F1 games...
    I use since F1 2012, 2013 and now 2014.
    Absolutely no interfering in remaining files game.
    Maybe a little more recover time for ai, I use 85 instead 65...
    1. remydeleeuw
      Author's Response
      Thanks man.
      Yeah you can use 85 instead of 65, but I thought 65 is well balanced.
      Maybe i'll bring out an update soon. ;)
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