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Sébastien Loeb 2010 Citroën C4 WRC Rally Car

Sébastien Loeb 2010 Citroën C4 WRC Rally Car 1.3

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livery_41 file goes to: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/DiRT Rally/cars/models/c4r

Livery now in 4K with a few color tweaks.

DiRT Rally version only here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sébastien-loeb-2010-citroën-c4-wrc-rally-car.7816/download?version=14690


Rally Finland version only (from screenshots) here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sébastien-loeb-2010-citroën-c4-wrc-rally-car.7816/download?version=14689

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Latest updates

  1. Put both liveries together.

    Added both DiRT livery and Rally Finland livery to the same download. Please report any problems...
  2. Updated 4K Textures.

    Updated textures to 4K and added fictional DiRT Rally plates along with color and logo...
  3. Neste Oil Rally Finland 2010 4K

    Updated car with 4K textures, color adjustment and Rally Finland '10 decals.

Latest reviews

Really nice livery, the most beautiful livery for C4R.
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Great work. I didn't pretend to accuse you of stealing someone's work. I understand what is modding, we are all using CM work and changing it, we can't claim any property. My concern was about the quality, some of your skins are awesome (the subarus for example) and this was only ok. It's good if you specify the differences. If my words have contributed to this tweaks I am happy. Not tryng to discourage you at all. Keep your great work, I love it.
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You should say when you are using just 2k Dirt3 skins with new plates. This is not bad criticism, I just think the liveries made completely by you are so muuuch better.
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Awesome skin! Any chance you could make the 2015 M-Sport livery for the Focus WRC?
Thank you. And I can, but wouldn't it make more sense to do it on the Ford Fiesta? Unless you prefer the livery on the older Focus.

Which is arguably much faster.
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Muito bom, ótimo trabalho!
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perfecto gracias!!!!
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Looks very nice - thx for this one!
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thanks men
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All Thumps Up! Great work!
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Thank u man!
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super fast skinning dude great job
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Nice one
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Good job !
Great quality
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That was fast :D Great skin!
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Thanks....Great fast work...pedal to the metal :)
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