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Russian Bears Ferrari 458 GT2 Scheme 2014-11-10

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SMP Racing Russian Bears Ferrari GT3 scheme for the AC 458 GT2

acShowroom 2014-11-10 17-15-10-85.jpg
acs 2014-11-10 17-14-26-08.jpg
acs 2014-11-10 17-12-38-99.jpg
acs 2014-11-10 17-06-36-70.jpg
acs 2014-11-10 17-10-13-21.jpg

In the zip are two folders, one in 8192 x 8192 and one 4096 x 4096, open the folder for the resolution skin you want and you will see another folder named SMP_Russian_Bears , simply drop it into your

X:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ferrari_458_gt2\skins folder

Many thx to ML2166 for the template and bits and also justinother2001 for making a couple of decals
I have placed the AC 'default' helmet and driver suit in to prevent the plain white set.

Hope you all like it.

Latest reviews

i love it thxs
2014 GT Open wouldn't be the same without it!
The BEST ! Thank you Kistoff,excellent work.

P.S.i liketo Rusian drivers.
Very nice!
thanks great job
Awesome skin ....cheers mate !
Neat!! I like it a lot :-)
a beauty. thanks for sharing =)
Chris 576
Chris 576
Cheers mate
great looking skin
Chris 576
Chris 576
Thank You
Chris 576
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45.9 MB
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