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RouenLesEssarts-long and short-rtb(revisited)-2017

RouenLesEssarts-long and short-rtb(revisited)-2017 0.2

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Latest updates

  1. patch lightroad and "AI"

    Improvement of the ai, and corrective light road rouen long sorry and good game!!!;)
  2. rouenlesessarts-long and short-rtb(revisited)-2017 0.1

    version final rouen les essarts 2017 long and short good game ! ;)
  3. patches 4.2

    rouen les essarts 2016 :correctif : textures/ai/collisions/camreplay

Latest reviews

excellent tracks, thanks a lot
thank you
One of my favorite tracks from GPL. Thanks for making it available on AC.
lol ty guy
Very well done but too heavy on the GPU
thank you, yes I know very well that the circuit is not optimized, I did not know how to do at the time !!
Now I know how to do it, I may do an update in the future
Muchas Gracias =)
thank youuuu !!!!!!!
Very enjoyable, looks well, ai not 100% but exciting, there can be some crashes
Very nice track, almost like in Grand prix legends :)
good track but Ai very bad.
20 laps race with BMW M3 E30 : no AI finish the race
Thanks!!! It's my favourite track in the world
thank you guy , good race!!!
in the future, there will be improvements, I work on the short and long version, but I have a big problem that I must find the solution to be corrected before filing them !!!
Good effort, but I would like to see improvement in the AI. At some times they are too much single-file...
I will soon take care of it !!! thank you
Honestly, I've always liked Rouen, and those versions (Short/Long/Extralon) are also well done.
But, and this is a big but, you always have to be very careful not leaving the track or you'll end up in the woods without any chance to get back on track. And this kills the fun a lot. Really dangerous parts are the downhill section, the hairpin at the end of the downhill section and the subsequent uphill section.
We had a race at this track two weeks ago, a bunch of ppl had crashed and ended up beside the track. There only chance to continue the race was resetting the car to the pits.
If this problem will be removed, those tracks are really worth five stars. :)
Ahahah, I do not know what to say, to roll less fast !!
This circuit was deemed dangerous! It reflects the real
Thank you
Assetto Corsa - drmaboul02 - Track Mod - RouenLesEssarts-long & short-rtb(revisited)-2017 0.2 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - drmaboul02 - Track Mod - RouenLesEssarts-long & short-rtb(revisited)-2017 0.2 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
Track modelling is excellent, thank you. On a GTX 1060 with ultrasettings it gives inconsistent framerate (unplayable), but I can't downrate this beatiful track for that, though I wish it worked better.
It is true that I work with an i7 6700K + gtx980 + asus170k + 16giga and a screen of 27 ", in ultra I turn between 60 / 90fps, on rouen the essarts, series" xx60 "gtx, have always been a can Lightweight,
I am sorry, but thanks to you ,,, I hope that the next circuit will please as much
thank youuu
Top notch work. Just make some simple Kunos style thumbnails and youre set.
A much better looking version than previous. it feels more in the period, with the signage and billboards. the 3D grass helps improve the vegetation on the track. Optimisation needs some work but apart from that a very well done.
Thank you excellent as always.
If you're still looking for a project I'm still looking for a Sebring I can race off line.
Even with your help before I still couldn't get the ai to work properly.
thxs my friend good job !
(good grip for me and no shimmering......)
thank !!!!
Now I have to work on another subject! But which one? If you have ideas that can please me, why not !!
Excellent work, thanks for this fun track!
ty guy !!!!!!!
I think there is something wrong with the shaders of the road. Mid Clear 13:30 road is blending and shimmering too much
If there is a small problem of light on the road, long rouen
I would correct the problem, thanks to you
As noted in your extra long version, a different look from previously. I seem to skid more but perhaps that's just my bad driving. Thank you once again for your superb work.
thank you !!
File size
262.9 MB
First release
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User rating
4.48 star(s) 56 ratings

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