Sebring 2021

Sebring 2021 1.2

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Sebring 2021 1.2 by madbrain



delete full folder sebring 2021 "1.1"

before installing version "1.2"

future update 1.3:
_correction garland (only lights up at night)
_some textures

this version is not finished, other improvements are coming in the future:) thank you all

you can make a small gesture if you wish on the donation link
I wish you a good race

Latest updates

  1. Sebring2021 update 1.2

    new update sebring 2021 new kerbs , correctif texture csp = grass / light / rain good race !!
  2. correctif light road sebring2021 1.1

    here is the road lighting fix, I hope it will work better, thank you again see you soon:)

Latest reviews

It is brilliant but could do with a few more pits or grid spots.
hello guy, the problem if I add more pits, there are big drops in fps,,, for the moment I'm working on other projects, I'm letting sebring take a little break, it will come later, thank you very much
Very good and desserves respect for a scratch made free track. For those who find the road too bright there is a temporary (permanent?) fix. Go to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded
Open the circuit_sebring2021.ini file and change the line LIT_MULT value to 0.4 , the default is 1 and it's too bright.
thank you guy ..
There's something wrong with light sources, and it seems like there are hundreds of ER vehicles parked by the track. Really distracting and I couldn't make myself finish even one lap.
put on sunglasses ôô ! and learn the track , it should be good after
I think this is a good solution , that's what i would do!
thank you a lot, have fun
Great work. I have both yours and reboot version. I feel that this version looks far more realistic than the other, quite OK version. Many thanks.
thank you friend, have a good game
Its a good track, and you can tell a lot of effort went into it, but its a case of "this would be the best version, if you haven't tried the reboot teams sebring"

overall its a good track mod, but i would have to say the reboot teams sebring has a better feel to it, and looks more authentic. but if you only get your mods from RD then this version is perfectly acceptable
Thanks very much
by the way
I say hello to the "reboot team",
it is good to "reboot" my new bridge hehehe
Nice effort, but it's not even close to Reboot Team track.
thank you
Great, thats the best version of sebring for AC!
I still have ideas for the sequel, it's not finished
thank you, very nice
thanks for your job
thank you !
Track is fun but I've noticed a couple of issues when racing here:

1. The blue tyre wall on the exit of T1 has no collisions and the car can just go straight through it.
2. There seems to be no track limits at all on the concrete between T15 & 16, I can understand on the outside of 16 as cars always run wide there, but you can pretty much just straight line T15 it seems into 16 and get away with it.
3. Sometimes the tyre seems to clip through the T1 exit kerb which can cause spins once the tyre gets pushed up ontop of it, this seems to be pretty minor though but I thought it was worth mentioning as it's what lead to me discovering point #1.

I can provide proof of all 3 of these points if required, as they coincidentally all happened in the same race but #1 & #2 can be easily replicated. Sebring's an awesome track though so it's great to have a working version for AC.
hi, i will make the fixes as soon as possible, thanks to you
Great track and thank you. Not a big deal but there is an external camera that causes a crash
thank you very much, and for the camera problem has been reported in discussion, delete the file camera_3
1.1 is a good version, I keep. Very good job, thank you !
thank you !
ty guy , good race
so sorry that I can't give this a good review, which i hate to do but for me it is just too white, the entire view seem just so over exposed. Additionally when I drop a wheel off track (which is much too often I admit) there is a lack of feel and particularly a lack of visual kick up.
hello, for the road which is too clear, it is that you use csp
lower the exposure to 30% / 40% , I am taking a break on sebring for the moment, I will take care of this little update soon , thank you
the track is very good. much better layout than your previous one. but there are still some of issues with this version

-the concrete is pretty much flat. which isn't the case IRL. even though you can't reproduce the exact bumps without a laserscan, you can still add some on the main and back straights and a nasty bump right on the trajectory of Sunset Bend
-the AI line is quite wonky. they stay in the middle of the track until they come in the braking zone, which they suddenly veer to the racing line. also, when the AI goes to pit, they usually clip the inside wall of Sunset Bend, making chaos along the way

otherwise, good job and looking forward to this one. can you make a version with 40+ pits?
thank you, yes for the next update I will take care of these fixes, bump additions, some 3d objects fix, but for the 40 pits I tested ,,,, there are too many prob cpu 99% crach game , that's why I stayed at 30 pit, sorry, for the "ai" I have no problems ??
for the moment I'm taking a break on sebring, I took another of my old tracks, it will appeal to a lot of people,
I'm coming back soon for sebring's corections, thank you again very nice
OK so I deleted my previous review because it focused too much on the negative.

The good:

- The mod is, overall, vastly improved over v0.8.
- There are a lot of cool new trackside features to make it look more "lived in". The strings of lights around some of the campsites are a nice touch. The glowing bollards at pit exit are neat too.
- The walls don't launch your car into oblivion anymore.
- The track is no longer excessively bumpy.
- There are some new stripes painted on the concrete to guide you around the more open corners (like Sunset).

The bad:

- Touching a wall can still occasionally lead to catastrophic damage.
- As stated by others, the concrete is VERY WHITE.
- There are a couple of sections of track, including the pits and front straight, which cause certain cars' HUD to go blank.
- The CSP lighting config that's included in the mod is unusable. There's no reason to have a "day" and "night" layout if the config just works.

On this last point, I've submitted a replacement to the CSP repo and to be honest this track looks pretty great at night with some proper lighting. Great enough that I wanted to change the tone of my earlier review.

There's still work to do here but it is indeed better than before. Thanks.
hi, thank you for the advice, great job on the retouching,
the problem is that I do not use "csp" because I did not know this application (because I do not look at new applications much)

I know that "blm", I did not know that there were other apps for the lights, for the concrete which is too bright, you have to lower the exposure in your game for the moment, I will correct the level ,

for the colision and the hud, there, I do not know?
and for csp, you seem to know well, please help me,
thanks again !
Nice track, CSP doesn't work and need BLM for having lights.
A rain version would be the top, but many thanks for your work !
thank you good race
It's very nice work, but please turn down the white pavement. To bright. Might add some bumps. It's a pretty rough tack.
-thank you very much, csp which is causing problems as this mod is not designed with it.
-Mr zerobandwidth takes care of the problem,
see directly in
content manager / custom shader patch / track configurations = sebrign 2021 by zerobandwidth
Very nice track and update, is there a update coming involving RainFx in the future? This would be great!
Hi and thank you very much, I don't know yet, as I explain in the comments below, I do not use all these applications in addition for the game, I very rarely play assetto corsa, I only create circuits, and when i play it, i'm always in day mode, all these addons and apps are extra work for me, i know it makes the game a little more fun, prettier, but it is not my priority , sorry
Excellent d'avoir pensé à la version nuit ! Votre version 0.8 était sebring_rtv_v08 ? 4 étoiles en attendant de tester des réglages pour la version nuit, car on ne voit qu'à 10m devant la voiture ? Le nom du fichier à enlever est bien : circuit_sebring2021 - Copie ?
thank you, for the night mode I use the weather = f1bynight and I have no distance prob,
and yes c the file "circuit_sebring2021 - Copy" to delete
thanks again
David Jessat
I like the visuals very much, however it appears to be missing the famous Sebring bumpiness. Did a few laps in an RSS Indycar and it felt too smooth, especially the home straight. And I think the split of DAY and NIGHT layouts is not working well with CSP and Sol, night lighting needs work.
I do not use CSP and Sol, I only run with f1 by night in night mode, and frankly say, the night mode took my head to create, hahahaha,
for the road where bump is missing! , we pointed out to me that there were too many , so I deleted some !!
I know very well that the circuit is composed of bump, but it disturbs some players,
thank you to you and everyone for the likes!
I'll see one later for fixes , I need a break,!
thank you

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