Rouen Les Essarts 0.96

Virtua_LM's Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 by SJ & Digga

  1. DIGGA
    Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 download.jpg
    Basic conversion into rFactor 2 by SJ. Extensively and substantially updated by Digga.

    All credits to original authors of rF1 version who made the track in association with VLM, Elwood and Madhorse. With thanks to Monsum and Dennis Grebe.

    Full permissions sought and partially given by VLM as an authorised but unofficial conversion.

    Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 includes both the 1955-1970 and the 1974-1994 layouts

    Changelog 0.96
    • increased mesh
    • mapped realroad for both layouts
    • changed trees to billboard
    • new HD textures for trees
    • adding a massive amount of trees around the track
    • added lots of vegetation also around the track
    • new crowds and animation workers
    • flags with animation (thx to ISI and McNolo)
    • and much more small things
    Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 download 2.jpg Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 download 3.jpg Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 download 4.jpg Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 download 5.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. rage33fr
    Version: 0.96
    very good track, great to drive.
    very good works
  2. Stenne
    Version: 0.96
    Really great track. Couldn't stop driving. Thank you so much.
  3. mkilner
    Version: 0.96
    Loved this Track from rF1 and now has a few extra bells and whistles for rF2, Must Have!!
  4. John Van Der Geest
    John Van Der Geest
    Version: 0.96
    Outstanding track. Really epic. But it can't be used right now for online racing, because in the 1974 version 2 cars will be pilled on top of eachother (overlayed) in the pitlane outside the boxes at the pit entry.
    Could that be fixed please so it will be oke for online racing.
  5. Ace King
    Ace King
    Version: 0.96
    Awesome work....thankyou very much !!!
  6. Peter Meissner
    Peter Meissner
    Version: 0.96
    great job digga!
  7. walken
    Version: 0.96
    fantastic track !!! thank you !!!
    I feel back 10 years with rfactor1 on Rouen !!!
  8. asehauDLM
    Version: 0.96
    Amazing job!
  9. Hsmmer
    Version: 0.96
  10. hexagramme
    Version: 0.96
    Pure gold, this track.
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