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Tracks Rouen Les Essarts 0.96

Virtua_LM's Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 by SJ & Digga

  1. syncmaster


    syncmaster submitted a new resource:

    Rouen Les Essarts - Virtua_LM's Rouen Les Essarts for rFactor 2 by SJ & Digga

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  2. John Van Der Geest

    John Van Der Geest

    Outstanding track. Really epic. But it can't be used right now for online racing, because in the 1974 version 2 cars will be pilled on top of eachother (overlayed) in the pitlane outside the boxes at the pit entry.
    Could that be fixed please so it will be oke for online racing.
  3. ooleeeo


    Hi, I have a problem. This track does not appear in the game menu track selection even though it has been installed properly. Any suggestions?
    Edit: In the list view, found the track and now tried to load.
    However I get a DDS error. Please help.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
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