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Istanbul GP 1.5

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Latest updates

  1. v1.5

    -IBL Shader texture/material update -new guardrails -new S397 crowds
  2. Istanbul Park Circuit v1.1

    Chancelog.. v1.1 -new roadmesh -added multi/layer shader to inner terrain -some retexture

Latest reviews

Thank you for update.
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Great to see this classic - nicely done
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Really good, my only issue a huge bump on the main straight into the final chicanes? I mean, it's very unforgiving and just isn't there
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Thanks, great quality here
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Awesome job, thanks!
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Great track with realistic bumps.
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Great track but unfortunately it is too bumpy. There are certain areas where the car just keeps bucking like a bronco.
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Some textures could be improved, but the track itself is very nice.
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very nice track
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Good track!
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